Monday, April 30, 2012

ZeroAccess rootkit Removal | Remove ZeroAccess (Zero Access) Trojan Virus Safely and Completely

Quick and easy ZeroAccess trojan removal
ZeroAccess Google redirect trojan
 ZeroAccess rootkit is very malicious browser hijacker (trojan virus) that have infected millions of online computers over the years. If you are being taken to unwanted websites when you conduct a search in Google, you are most certainly infected with the ZeroAccess rootkit. Once your computer is infected with this trojan virus, random malicious IP addresses will be entered into your computer's routing table and randomly triggered once you click on resul links in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. This will result that you web browser will be automatically redirected to  hacked or malicious websites (controlled by hackers)  completely unrelated to your search quieries.

Once inside your computer system, the ZeroAccess rootkit can initiate a sequence of malicious actions. It can track your keystrokes, collect personal or financial information and download further malware through a background Internet connection to lower your security for future attacks. The browser hijacker will take control of your PC's Internet connection by changing the DNS servers. This will block you from changing back the redirects through the Windows Internet properties. The criminals who created ZeroAccess use the dangerous rootkit program to make money by hijacking traffic from the leading search engines and sending unaware Internet users to their rogue websites or sites that pay them revenue for the traffic.

As the redirects mostly happen while you are searching Google, you may get the impression that the infection is on Google's end, but the reality is that it is actually caused by the ZeroAccess trojan on your system. The trojan virus is very serious threat that can endanger your privacy and your computer's overall performance. If you believe that your computer has become infected, it is recommended that you scan your system and remove ZeroAccess without delay. In the event you are troubled from the symptoms bellow we highly recommend you to run a quick rootkit scan.
  • You get a Windows blue screen of death and your computer is slower than normal
  • Browser cannot access certain sites whatever browser you are running
  • Google search engine keeps getting redirected when you try to perform searches
  • Your PC is sending mails to everyone in your email contact list without your authorization or knowledge
  • ZeroAccess rootkit hijacks your browser home page, search page and error page
  • Someone uses your address book to send emails to your contacts
Scan your PC system for ZeroAccess Google redirecting rootkit. Download safe and effective removal tool and get rid of redirect viruses, browser hijackers, worms and other nasty malware threats. Simply click the link underneath to know if you have ZeroAccess trojan virus installed on your system.