Thursday, April 26, 2012

Get rid of Redirect, Remove Scour Virus (Removal Guide)

Remove Scour redirecting virus Google hijack
Do you keep getting redirected to The persistent browser search redirect is the result of the harmful Sirefef, TDL4 or ZeroAccess / ZAccess rootkit that hijacks your browser and randomly redirects your Google search queries to unwanted websites. If you look for something on Google search engine, you will be provided relevant results, but instead of taking you to the correct url, the link will be directed to and not to the destination you clicked on. The creators of this virus make money by redirecting infected computers to websites that pay them money for the traffic.

The Google redirect virus uses a powerful encryption technology to avoid detection, this is why most antivirus software are unable to detect and remove it. Parasites related to the malicious redirect have the capability to harvest data from your hard drive and publish information from your computer to a remote attacker. The browser hijacker is a potential privacy and security threat that could infect your system with further malware and cause the computer to freeze if not removed in time. If you believe that your computer has become affected, we recommend that you scan your system and get rid of Scour redirect virus without delay. If you experience one or more of the following issues we highly recommend you to run a deep scan.
  • You get a Windows blue screen error messages and the system starts running sluggish
  • The web browser locks up when you try to connect to antivirus websites
  • Each time you execute a Google search, your browser automatically redirects to
  • The home page of your browser has been hijacked and you can't switch it back
Run a full scan and fix persistent browser redirects. Download Safe and quick rootkit removal tool to clean away browser hijackers, keyloggers, trojans and other harmful redirect viruses. Use the link underneath and begin scanning your system for browser hijacker.