Friday, April 27, 2012

How to Remove Browser Hijacker (Removal Guide) | Get rid of Findgala Virus Safely and Quickly Google search redirect virus. browser hijacker
Does your Google results keep getting redirected to phony search engine? The malicious search link redirect is connected to a nasty search redirecting virus that modifies your browser settings to reroute your search engine results. You should not access or view this website, is used to deceive users into clicking deceptive advertisement links by imitating a true search engine. The is one of thousands of fraudulent websites operated by scammers that takes control of online computers and redirect them to hacked or malicious web pages.

Once inside, the search virus will exploit a security flaw and alter the HOSTS file to launch the disruptive redirects. This will result in that will be added to the Windows routing table and activated each time you execute a search on Google or any other popular search site. Malware related with the hijack may also track your online activities and steal sensitive or valuable information like passwords and credit card details and send the information to outside servers.

If not resolved in time, the redirect virus may slow your computer's speed and degrade your security by dropping additional malware. If you suspect you have been infected, it is advised to scan the computer for rootkits and get rid of Findgala virus as soon as detected. In the case that you get the symptoms bellow it is essential to run a complete system scan.
  • Your PC locks up on boot and you and Windows displays a blue screen error
  • has changed the home page of your Internet browser and you are unable to change it back (mainly IE, FireFox and Chrome)
  • Google or Yahoo searches keep redirecting to various useless sites when you type a query
  • The background picture has been changed and is replaced with a virus warning screen
  • You get reverted to an about:blank when you try to visit antivirus websites
  • Mails are being sent from your email address without you knowing about it
Download Findgala removal tool to make sure your computer stays free from Google search redirect virus. Perform a safe and free malware scan and to detect worms, rootkits, keyloggers and other harmful browser redirecting viruses. Use the download link below to know whether you have browser hijacker lurking on your system.