Sunday, April 29, 2012 Virus Removal | Remove Pa15News Browser Hijacker Easily and Safely search engine redirect virus. browser hijacker annoying redirect is activated by a harmful DNS hijacker installed on your computer. You should not trust or click links on this malicious website, is a phony work at home scam spread on the Internet with help of a very malicious rootkit virus known as ZeroAccess to make criminals money. The virus is specially designed to redirect Google search engine to and other rogue sites operated by online scammers.

Once inside your computer, it injects itself into your computer’s routing process by changing the HOSTS file and diverts all your search results to spam sites you didn't intend to visit. This will prevent you from resetting back the malicious redirection in the Windows Internet properties. The Google redirect virus is a potential security and privacy threat that may lower your computer's performance and steal personal data. If you suspect your computer is infected by the Pa15News virus, we recommend you to scan the computer and get rid of it upon detection. In the event you get one of these symptoms it is recommended that you check your system for viruses as soon as possible:

  • The computer becomes sluggish and you keep getting an error message
  • The browser back button is not working either you are using Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera or any other Internet browser
  • Google results keep getting directed to whenever you execute a query
  • The desktop background has been hijacked and system tray icons are missing
  • Certain antivirus websites wont load in any web browser
Download safe and fast rootkit scanner utility and fix undesired redirects. Keep the system protected from viruses, rootkits and trojans. Simply click on the link beneath to detect whether you have the Google redirecting malware on your machine.