Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Remove Abnow.com Virus Completely and Quickly (Removal Guide)

Get rid of Abnow.com virus.
Abnow.com Search Hijacker
Abnow.com redirect is caused by a hazardous browser hijacker targeting popular online search engines and redirecting their users to various phony sites. As soon as you search the Web for information, the browser hijacker will embed itself into your registry and redirect your online search results to Abnow.com. The search hijacker is created by scammers to make them profits by hijacking Google's Internet traffic to their deceptive websites plastered with advertisements.

The site simulates to be a real weight loss site, but it contains nothing other than deceiving links to useless pages.The rootkit program associated with Abnow.com is quite difficult to fix because it employs sophisticated techniques to elude detection. Inside your system, it will inject itself into the routing procedure of your computer and redirect your search requests to websites you didn't want to visit.

Malware associated with this browser redirect may also trace your private information and harvest sensitive data like user names, passwords and credit card information. If you are concerned that your computer got infected by the Abnow virus, it is highly recommended to scan it for malware as soon as possible.

If you get one or more of these symptoms we strongly recommend you to run a deep rootkit detection.
  • You get a blue screen error and the system becomes too slow
  • Browser homepage is set to an About:Blank page and you are unable to change it back
  • Google results keeps redirecting to Abnow.com whenever you search for something
  • Windows freezes during start up and shows a blue screen
Keep your system and personal data safe from Google redirect virus. Fix  browser hijackers, worms and delete other prevalent threats. Use the download link beneath to know whether you have Abnow.com browser hijacker lurking on your computer.