Friday, April 27, 2012 Removal Guide | How to Get Rid of Wood-search Browser Hijacker browser hijacker Google hijack search hijack is a direct symptom of the malicious browser hijacker that changes your computer's DNS preferences and redirects your search results to websites you didn't intend to see. Once infected with this hijacker, will be added to the Windows routing table and randomly activated each time you do a query. This will result that every time you type a search and click a result link in Google, your browser will be taken to or other phony websites completely irrelevant to your search. The redirect malware uses an advanced encryption algorithm to evade detection by injecting a rootkit named Alueron, Sirefef or ZeroAccess.

As the redierect generally happens when you click on Google results, you may presume that the problem is on Google's side, but the fact is that problem is actually in your computer. The hackers who have made this browser hijacker earn money by redirecting Internet traffic to sites that pay them money for the web traffic. The redirect viurs may impact your computer's performance and harm your privacy. If you believe that your computer has become infected, it is suggested to scan your machine and get rid of the malware upon detection.In case you are facing one or more of the following problems we strongly recommend that you run a deep scan for viruses.
  • System hangs during startup and you get frequent error messages
  • You are blocked from accessing to certain antivirus websites
  • Google keeps redirecting to each time you carry out a search
  • Mails are sent from your email sending server without your knowledge or consent
  • has changed your home page and search page without your approval
Check your PC for browser redirecting malware. Keep the system clean from redirect viruses, rootkits, password stealers and many other browser hijackers. Simply click on the download link beneath to start scanning your hard drive for Google search hijacker.