Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to Remove | Safe and Secure Virus Removal search engine virus
Hijacked by The disturbing browser hijack is caused by a virus installed on your PC. The features of this virus is that every time you perform a query in any popular search engine such as Google or Yahoo, you will be automatically diverted to this fake search engine. Upon its installation, the malware will redirect your default web browser  by altering the registry and network settings that control your computer's incoming and outgoing connections.

You should not use or access this ohony search site, is totally valueless and shows nothing but deceptive advertisements and numerous fake links pointing to further malicious websites. redirect virus may threaten your privacy by gathering sensitive data and degrade your systems's performance. If your computer has become infected with Partner37.MyDomainAdvisor browser hijacker, we strongly recommend that you scan your computer and remove it and associated rootkit infection as soon as detected.
In case you identify one or more of the listed problems it is highly recommended to perform a deep virus scan.
  • Your computer becomes sluggish and hangs at boot
  • has set the homepage
  • Your browser keeps getting  hijacked to unknown sites when you are making queries in Yahoo, Bing and Google
  • Someone has used your email address to send spam emails to everyone in your address book
Fix unwanted browser redirection. Download free antivirus scan to detect trojans, rootkits, keyloggers and redirect viruses. Simply click on the link underneath to begin scanning your machine for Google hijacker and related malware parasites.