Friday, April 27, 2012

Remove Browser Hijacker | Complete and Safe Virus Removal

Fix Infomash annoying Google redirection. browser hijack
 Keep getting redirected to while searching on Google? The annoying search hijack is a result of a pesky browser hijacker (known as ZeroAccess rootkit) which replaces the Internet preferences of your browser and and hijacks your online search links. When you enter a search query into Google, it will display relevant results, but instead of taking you to the relevant pages, the links will be forced to phony search engine and other websites completely irrelevant to the term you searched for.

The website states to be a reliable search site, but it provides nothing but devious search results linking to deceptive advertisements to earn online criminals affiliate revenue. Malware related with browser redirect may carry further malicious infections that can gather personal data such as credit card numbers, passwords and user names by monitoring your keystrokes. The virus redirection is a potential security and privacy risk. It is strongly suggested to scan your computer for rootkits and malware in the event you are faced with any of the following issues.
  • Browser keeps going to or a white about:blank screen when you click on websites in your favorite list.
  • Windows shows blue screen error messages and hangs during boot
  • Someone has changed your browser home page and search page without your authorization
  • Google keeps redirecting to when you are making searches
Run an automatic scan to detect Google redirecting virus on your computer. Download safe, easy and quick rootkit removal tool to stop trojans,  redirect viruses and other kinds of browser hijacking threats. Click on the link below and begin scanning your computer for browser hijacker.