Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Remove Virus Completely and Fast (Removal Instructions)

Easy and quick way to fix annoying Google hijack.
Get rid of Google hijack search redirect is a direct result of a hazardous browser hijacker /  trojan rootkit which have already infected millions of computers online.  It changes the home page preferences of your default browser and redirects your Google searches to web pages loaded with commercial ads. The hijacker may also download further malware through a hidden backdoor port and execute a range of harmful tasks.

The malicious rootkit associated to redirection may monitor your keystrokes, collect confidential and personal information and produce irritating pop-ups on your computer. As the redirect normally happens while you run Google searches, you may presume that the problem is caused by the search engine, but the fact is that the malicious redirection is actually activated by the virus on your system. If you believe that your system has been infected, it is advised to run a deep virus check.

In case your system is experiencing the issues bellow it is very important to perform a free scan for viruses and rootkits.
  • Your system is being slow and you get a blue screen error on Windows start up
  • Browser start page keeps redirecting to (IE, FireFox, Chrome or any other web browser)
  • Google search results get directed to Hapili and other useless sites completely irrelevant to the links you click on.
Run easy scan and put an end to search engine redirection. Ensure your computer stays protected against redirect viruses, worms, bootkits and other forms of nasty browser redirecting malware Open the link below and start scanning your PC for Hapili virus.