Thursday, April 26, 2012 Redirect Removal Guide search engine redirect hijack
Does your browser redirect to when you search Google? The unwanted redirection is caused by rootkit virus hijacking Google, Bing and other popular search engines. Once infected, each time you search the web for something, the browser hijacker will embed itself into your computer routing process and redirect your results to and other irrelevant sites to your search. Usually, these websites pretend to be a true search engines, but they contains nothing but deceptive advertisements and affiliate links.

Scammers who have created the redirect virus earn revenue by directing traffic to websites that pays them money for the Internet traffic. It's though important to point out that contains no malicious content and is classified as safe, it's the the malware on your computer that causing the malicious redirection.  The ZeroAccess rootkit associated with the search redirect issue may also create a backdoor on your computer and download further threats to degrade your system's security. If your computer is redirecting to, we recommend to check the system and get rid of the search engine hijacker at once.

In the event you are faced with any of the listed problems it is recommended to scan your system for malware.
  • Computer shows a blue screen error message and freezes during the boot
  • You can't open websites no matter what browser you run (IE, FireFox, Chrome)
  • You keep being directed to and other unrelated websites when you click on Google result links
Download safe and quick rootkit scanner software and fix search engine hijack. Protect your sensitive personal information and keep the computer clean from trojans, rootkits and other search engine redirecting viruses. Please click on the download link below to detect whether you have Google redirecting virus on your machine.