Thursday, April 26, 2012

Remove Redirect Easily and Quickly (Removal Guide) search engine creen shot
 Google searches redirecting to If so, your computer is compromised by a very malicious browser redirecting rootkit trojan. When infected, whenever you make a Google search, you will be frequently redirected to or other search sites totally irrelevant to the result links you clicked on. The redirect virus is specially constructed to hijack your network connection by altering the DNS and HOSTS file settings on your computer. This will block you from changing back the redirection in the Windows Internet options.

The website is not malicious itself and it contains links to legitimate web pages; but the trojan rootkit which produces the unwanted redirect can cause a lot of damage. It may harvest stored information such as banking details from your hard drive and cause your computer to respond slowly. If you think that you have been infected with the search hijacker, it is recommended to check you system for Google hijack virus.In case your system has any of the following signs we advise you to check your computer for viruses and rootkits.
  • System hangs during start up and and Windows displays an error message
  • Someone has changed your start page and search page and you can't change it back
  • You keep getting redirected to whenever you run a search query on Google or Bing search engines
  • Background picture has been replaced and you can't switch it back
Download safe and effective Google redirect virus remover and get rid of unwanted redirects. Keep your machine clean from bootkits, redirect viruses, keyloggers and other insidious redirect viruses. Just use the download link below to determine if you have malware running on your computer.