Monday, April 30, 2012

How to Remove Virus, Quick and Easy Removal

Clean your PC system from virus Google redirect
Are you getting redirected to when you search for a topic in Google? Then you are most likely infected with a very malicious search engine redirecting rootkit virus called Sirefef or ZeroAccess. After landing on phony search, you will be inundated with deceptive advertisements and phony links linking to other fraudulent websites controlled by Internet crooks. Harmful files associated with the search redirection may open a backdoor connection to your computer and compromise the system's security with further malware.

The browser hijacker is especially hard to remove as it uses a powerful encryption technology to avoid antivirus detection. The criminals who have created this search hijacker earn money by infecting online computers and redirecting their Internet traffic from major search engine sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo. If not resolved in time, the hijacker may cause your computer to become sluggish or crash. We strongly recommend you to scan your PC for AimSearcher browser hijacker as soon as possible. If you are getting one or more of the following symptoms it is highly recommended to perform a thorough rootkit scan.
  • Your PC is running sluggish and freezes upon startup
  • hijacks the home page whatever Internet browser you are using
  • The browser keeps going to unwanted sites when you are doing a search on Google
  • The desktop image has changed and is replaced by an unknown virus warning
  • opens up in a different browser window when you are surfing known websites (IE, FireFox, Chrome or whatever browser)
Download effective Google redirect virus removal tool and clean your system from browser hijacker and associated keyloggers, backdoors and rootkits. Run safe and fast system diagnosis to detect viruses and malware on your computer.