Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Remove, Easy and Safe Virus Removal

MyDomainAdvisor search engine hijacker Google hijack
Do you keep getting redirected to every time you search on Google? The persistent redirect is caused by a search redirecting virus that hijacks your system's HOSTS file and DNS settings and redirects your browser to different phony search engines.

The infection will result that when you click on a Google link, it will go to a and not the one shown on the actual result page. The website claims to be a legitimate search engine website, but it shows nothing other than counterfeit search results that link to various misleading websites operated by criminals.

The redirect virus may also redirect to following subdomains:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The malicious ZeroAccess rootkit infection associated with browser hijack can open a backdoor to your PC and download further malware in order to compromise your security for future attacks. The search virus poses a potential security threat and could with time reduce your computer's overall performance. It may also collect user names, passwords and other sensitive information and forward the data to remote computers. If your system has become infected with MyDomainAdvisor, it is recommended to check your machine and remove it as quickly as possible.

If you experience one of the listed problems we suggest you to check your computer for Google redirect virus and related rootkit infection.
  • The system becomes very unresponsive and and Windows shows an error message
  • Home page keeps directing to MyDomainAdvisor and various other bogus websites
  • Mails are sent from your computer without your knowledge
  • Google redirects to each time you do a search
Fix malicious search engine redirection. Download effective and quick  removal tool and put an end to trojans, browser hijackers, keyloggers and other nasty viruses. Just follow the link below to tell whether you have the redirect virus installed on your PC.