Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Compare.us.com Removal Guide | Safe and Effective Way to Remove Browser Hijackers

Compare.us search engine redirect
Are your Google searches diverted to Compare.us.com? In that case, your machine is probably infected with a malicious trojan virus called Sirefef, TDL3 or ZeroAccess. The feature of this virus is that once you make a search in any popular search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing, you will be automatically directed to Compare.us.com or other irrelevant sites. Compare.us.com is not a malicious website but the viruses that performs the redirects are very harmful and can cause all kind of problems.

The rootkit program associated with Compare.us.com browser hijack can perform various malicious tasks on your computer. It may log your keystrokes, gather private and personal data and install further malware. The virus is used by criminals to redirect search traffic to their bogus websites to earn them affiliate revenues.
Infections causing this persistent Google redirect can put your security and privacy at great risk. If your computer is being redirected, we recommend that you check your system. In the event you have the following signs it is essential to run a free virus scan.
  • You computer starts to run really slow and you keep getting error messages
  • Browser's homepage keeps changing to Compare.us.com either you are using Internet Explorer, FireFox or any other  browser
  • You get redirected to irrelevant pages whenever you try to do a search on Google, Yahoo or Bing
  • Background wallpaper keeps changing and you can not turn it back
Make sure your computer stays protected from malware. Run a quick security scan and put an end to Compare.us.com unwanted redirects. Keep your computer safe and clean from keyloggers, browser hijackers, trojans and other associated parasites. Simply click on the download link below and start scanning your computer for Google redirecting virus.