Tuesday, April 24, 2012 Removal Guide | Remove Virus Fast and Easily

Download remover tool and get rid of malicious redirection.
Fix Redirect Virus is a malicious IP address hijacking Google' result links to various phony websites operated by cyber criminals to earn them revenue by luring unaware Internet users. If your PC is infected with this virus, you will get automatically redirected to and other malicious sites hosted under this IP whenever you try to search for information online.

After this virus gets activated inside the system, it will install into main memory and modify your DNS records to control your computer's Internet traffic. This will keep you from changing back unwanted browser redirect through the Internet options. As the redirects usually happen while you are using Google, you may presume that the redirect problem is on their side, but the truth is that the issue is actually caused by the ZeroAccess rootkit on your computer.

If not resolved, virus can pose a potential security risk and with time seriously compromise your system performance. If you think that you have been victimized, we recommend that you scan your computer and fix this browser hijacker immediately.
If you observe one or more of the following issues it is recommended to scan your system for malware and rootkits.
  • Computer is suddenly slower than usual and Windows displays an error message
  • Browser cannot access certain sites regardless of Internet browser used (FireFox, Chrome, IE)
  • Google searches redirect to
  • You cannot alter your desktop wallpaper
Download easy and effective removal tool and remove redirect virus. Run spyware scan and get rid of trojans, rootkits and keyloggers. Use the link underneath to start scanning your hard drive for Google redirecting virus.