Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sirefef rootkit Removal Guide | Remove Sirefef Trojan Virus Easily and Quickly

The Sirefef rootkit is a very malicious trojan infection also known as Google redirect virus. If your search engine searches keep getting redirected to websites you didn't intended to visit, you have likely fallen victim to the Sirefef trojan virus. The search engine hijacker is specifically designed to redirect search engine links to various counterfeit websites under hackers control. The criminals who have created the harmful Sirefef rootkit earn money by hijacking Internet traffic from top search sites such as Bing, Yahoo and Google to their malicious sites hosting rogueware and spam advertisements.

The browser hijacker will to lower the security by infecting the memory and installing additional malware threats through a secret back door. From there it can initiate a range of malicious actions.  It has the ability to hijack your browser, record keystrokes and harvest banking data such as user names, passwords and credit card details. Sirefef rootkit is exceedingly difficult to eliminate because it uses unique methods to make its detection and removal more difficult. This is the reason most antivirus are unable to remove it.

The rootkit infection poses a great security and privacy risk and may with time cause your computer to become unstable or crash. If you believe that you have become infected with the Sirefef virus, it is highly recommended to check your system fro rootkits and viruses without delay. If you experience the following signs on your computer it is important to run a free Sirefef rootkit detection.

  • Internet browser home page and search page is directed to other sites and you can't switch it back
  • The system is unresponsive and you keep getting a Windows blue screen error
  • You can't connect to any sites whether you are using Opera, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome or whatever browser
  • Bing and Google direct to spam web pages whenever you make a query
  • Background image has been changed and systray icons are gone
Check your machine for Sirefef rootkit and get rid of browser hijackers, trojans and other dangerous software. Simply click on the download link beneath and begin scanning your machine for Sirefef Google redirecting trojan virus.