Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Remove Search.Conduit.com (Removal Guide) | Get rid of Search.Conduit Virus Quickly and Easily

Remove Search.Conduit hijacker
Search.Conduit.com browser hijack
Keep getting redirected to Search.Conduit.com? The persistent redirect is the result of nasty search redirecting virus infection on your computer. The Search.Conduit.com website is not harmful itself but the redirect virus which causes the redirects is a serious threat to your security and privacy. The search hijacker is created by hackers who make money by redirecting Internet users to various advertisement websites.

The nature of this virus is that when you are executing a query in Google, you will be randomly diverted to Search.Conduit.com or other phony search pages completely irrelevant to your original search query. As the Search.Conduit.com redirects generally occur while you make searches in Google, you may believe that the problem is on Google's side, but the truth is that malicious redirection is actually caused by a kit of dangerous malware threats (rootkits) inside your system.

The malicious software may perform a range of harmful actions once active. They may track your keystrokes, steal private and financial information. Other malware associated with Search.Conduit.com redirect issue may also open a back door to your computer and download further malicious files in order to compromise your system's security. If you suspect you are already infected, it is recommended that you scan the computer and remove the Google redirecting virus without delay.

In the event you are experiencing one of the following problems we recommend to perform a full system scan.
  • The computer becomes really sluggish and shows an error message on boot
  • Someone has changed the homepage of your web browser (Safari, FireFox or whatever browser)
  • You find yourself forced to Search.Conduit.com whenever you type a search term into Google search box
  • The desktop background picture has been replaced by a blue screen
Keep your PC protected against Search.Conduit.com redirects. Download safe and fast rootkit remover and fix redirect viruses, browser hijackers and other dangerous threats. Click on the  link underneath and start scanning your machine for Google redirect malware.