Monday, November 14, 2011

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Do you have the redirect virus?

If you are encountering random redirects to when you do Google searches, your computer is likely to be compromised by the widely spread Tidserv/TDSS trojan rootkit, often known as the Google Redirect Virus. The rootkit causes your web browser to redirect you to fake search page and other unsafe websites loaded with further malware.

Google redirect virus spreads via email, newsgroup postings, banners, false alerts and drive-by-downloads installed onto legitimate websites that were hacked and compromised. Other popular ways the hackers propagate the hijack is by uploading infected freeware programs, images, videos and other media files onto untrusted file sharing sites and peer-to-peer networks.

What makes redirect virus much harder to remove compared to traditional viruses is that it is a collection of several malware programs (rootkit). Once this rootkit is installed, it masks the intrusion by exploiting known system vulnerabilities and gains “root” administrative level access to inject the into your computer’s redirection process.

When you enter a search term in Google, the search will load the actual results, but the links will redirect to and random misleading spam sites owned and controlled by the virus writers. These cyber crooks makes revenue every time someone lands on their malicious websites pushing annoying advertisements and false rogue anti-virus and anti-spyware applications.

The Google redicet virus may use up most of your system's resources, steal sensitive data and leave you computer vulnerable to future attacks. This is a potential security and privacy threat that should be removed without delay.

Manual removal of browser hijacker requires a certain level of technical skill and doesn’t always guarantee complete removal. Please note that incomplete deletion of the Google redirect virus may result in data loss, crippled system and irreparable computer.

Instead of spending your time trying to fix the browser hijacker manually, just download real time rootkit removal software and watch how it automatically removes the redirect within minutes. 

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