Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Remove Billysearch.net Browser Hijacker

Billysearch.net fake search engine
Billysearch.net is a very persistent browser hijacker designed to perform illegal Google search redirections on your computer with help of the pesky Serifef TDSS rookit program.

Once it’s executed, it will block your anti-virus and anti-spyware from running and configure the registry, hosts file and other key settings inside your computer to run automatically each time your system loads. While running, it will inject the DNS and sporadically redirect your Google searches to various false search engines like Billysearch.net.

The website may look like a legitimate search page, but it isn’t. Billysearch.net is just another fake search engine created by fraudsters to hijack Google’s search results and mislead you into visiting various affiliated ad-infected spam domains promoting rogue security programs and other malicious pages of the hackers own choosing

Whats more, the Billysearch.net redirect virus behaves differently than traditional viruses and can hide on your computer and perform malicious actions for months without any symptoms. Some of these actions may include monitoring your computing activities and stealing your passwords, credit card details and other sensitive financial information.

This Google hijacker is a critical privacy and security threat that should be removed from your computer as soon as it’s detected. If your computer is hijacked by this virus, then use the automated Google virus removal tool below, which will completely remove Billysearch.net redirect and associated Serifef and TDSS rootkit program.

Remove Billysearch.net redirect virus and fix your computer.