Monday, November 7, 2011

How to Remove Google Redirect Virus screenshot
If you are getting random redirections to website you are faced with a harmful malware created by online criminals to redirect your Google search engine results. The Google redirect virus is designed to modify various Internet settings on your computer so that you get redirected to unrelated malicious websites and fake search engines with annoying advertisements. virus gets inside your system with help a very malicious rootkit program usually bundled with downloadable music, games, movies or pornographic related content. The rootkit may also be installed through malicious drive-by-download java scripts placed onto hacked or malicious websites.

The browser hijacker is capable of hijacking all known Internet browsers and affect any search engines because it’s infecting the core proxy settings of your computer by adding and deleting corrupt entries inside the Windows Registry, DNS and HOSTS file.

When you perform a search query for a certain term on you will see the actual search engine results, but once you click on any of the listed links, your browser will get manipulated by the virus and redirected to and other random unknown sites which you didn’t intend to visit.

Once inside your computer, the virus will open a backdoor connection to constantly update itself and download further malware. It will inject itself into common running processes and hide behind Windows services each time the system loads. This makes the manual removal of the Google redirect almost impossible.

Common signs to watch out for in your system behavior if you have the Google redirect virus.
  1. Computer screen getting bombarded with spam popups and fake alerts
  2. Google, Yahoo, Bing searches being redirected to url and suspicious websites which promotes malware.
  3. You are prevented from viewing certain web pages
  4. Unknown new system tray icons and desktop backgrounds
  5. Windows error notifications caused by missing system files
  6. Internet connection and browser is slowing down
  7. Hijacked browser home page and search toolbar
 If you are suffering from one of the computer problems abow it is strongly recommended that you download removal tool and perform a Free Google virus scan.

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