Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Remove Hijack screenshot
Having problem with browser hijack? Then you are not alone! Millions of Internet users are experiencing similar computer redirects caused by the dangerous TDSS / Alureon rootkit known as the Google hijack virus or Google redirect virus.

You probably think this is a problem with Google or any other search engine that you try to search with. Actually this is a malicious issue within your system that intercepts with your computer's network traffic. The reason why the redirect is occurring is because your Internet browser is hijacked by this harmful rootkit that prevents you from searching online.

Normally your computer redirects your search results to the correct IP address once you perform a search on Bing, Yahoo, Google or any other legitimate search engine. However once the Google redirect virus is inside your computer it will inject itself into the redirection process and reroute your browser to its fake search site or random pages with ads and malware. This will happen with IE, Chrome, Firefox or any other web browser your try to use because the virus is infecting the core proxy settings and DNS on your computer .

The TDSS / Alureon is highly sophisticated rootkit program (also known as bootkit) that is very complicated to remove and fix. To permanently fix this issue you will need to rewrite countless entries in the registry and HOSTS file and clean infected Windows processes, services, dll files and other system components that is related to the redirect.

This cannot be removed by traditional anti-malware programs, this is the reason why most removal methods fails and may lead to blue screen errors and system crashes. Manual fixes are therefore only advisable with help of an experienced computer technician or virus removal specialist.

For safe and secure removal download easy to use Google redirect virus remover tool and clean your computer from all forms of viruses, rootkits, spyware, browser hijackers and other pesky Internet parasites. To completely remove and related malware threats, please follow link below:

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