Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to Safely Remove Njksearch.net

Njksearch.net screenshot
Can’t get rid of Njksearch.net browser hijack?  

If you can’t stop being redirected from your search engine to this page than you have likely been hijacked by a tricky browser hijacker that alters your computer’s Internet settings so that you get redirected to Njksearch.net bogus page instead of the website you intended to visit.

Njksearch.net deceptive website is the newest invention of online criminals that makes money buy infecting and misleading unaware Internet users. Their main goal is to infect as many computers as possible with a nasty trojan virus known as Google Redirect Virus and redirect them to unrelated sites every time they click on a link in Yahoo, Bing, AOL or Google search results links.

When users gets redirected from Google and lands on this page, they get tricked into thinking that Njksearch.net is a legitimate search engine. Once they perform a search, they will be provided with fake results which inks to malicious websites loaded with malware, misleading advertisements and various deceptive software programs (usually rogue antivirus).

Njksearch.net differs from regular viruses because it’s usually installed with help of a very harmful and sophisticated rootkit program called ZeroAccess. This makes Njksearch.net browser hijacker especially tuff to detect and remove.

As the Njksearch.net virus tends to get worse with time and cause undesirable computer problems, you’d better get rid of it once detected. Removing Njksearch.net incorrectly can result in critical errors causing your operating system to lag or completely crash.

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