Friday, November 11, 2011

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The browser hijack is caused by a nasty piece of computer malware called Google redirect virus.

The symptoms of this virus includes having your browser home page and Google search results taken by hackers to fake search pages like or unethical websites which pays revenue to these criminals for the stolen search engine traffic they are sending to them.

As the redirect happens only randomly and while you are performing searches, you may get confused and assume that it’s caused by Google itself. Actually it’s the actions of the malicious redirect virus inside your own computer.

The malware will affect any browser you’re using and redirect not just Google’s results but even other search engines like AOL, Bing and Yahoo. Moreover, you may also experience frequent pop up ads, error messages and that your computer and web browser gets extremely slow to load. This is because once the virus gets inside, it will inject itself into your computer’s memory and temper with key registry and proxy settings, causing your Windows system to be greatly degraded.

The creators of the browser hijacker have also the capability of making your security more vulnerable by disabling your antivirus protection and downloading a dangerous rootkit payload. This rootkit program will grant its author (the remote hackers) complete access to steal sensitive data such as your email contact list, usernames, passwords, home address, credit card numbers and other private information through a hidden backdoor connection.

If you are not a skilled user who knows how to get rid of this threat manually, than the safest way is to download and install an automated removal tool that can easily remove and associated rootkit program.

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