Monday, November 14, 2011

How to Remove browser hijack
If you can’t access certain websites via Google search engine and you find that your search results gets periodically redirected to instead of taking you to the search link you wanted to visit, then it’s most likely that your computer has been hijacked by the particularly malicious Google redirect virus.

Is redirect virus infection on Google? As the redirect only happens on Google first, it may seem so, but the virus actually on your computer. Google is 100% virus and spyware free and has never been infected with such viruses.

The Google redirect virus was probably able to exploit your operating system trough an infected downloaded file or malicious scripts placed onto unsafe websites you have visited in the past.

Once the virus is inside your computer, it injects the and other deceptive advertisement urls into the DNS rerouting process and waits for you to activate its malicious redirecting actions by performing searches on Google search engine. redirect virus may also log your keystrokes and steal all types of sensitive information stored on your hard disk like passwords, usernames and credit card numbers. Moreover, it may also install further malware threats  that can compromise your computer even more.

There are different ways to remove the virus. You can make changes within your HOSTS file, DNS and registry entries and remove any suspicious processes and program files running inside Windows Task manager in order to get rid of it. But please note that such modifications should only be done by qualified computer users since wrongly altered/deleted values inside the registry can crash your entire operating system.

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