Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Remove Get-answers-fast.com | Complete Removal Guide

Get-answers-fast.com screenshot
If your Google searches keep getting Get-answers-fast.com redirects, then it’s a sign of the presence of a malicious browser redirect virus on your computer. If you believe that your computer have been infected with this virus and need a quick and easy fix, than you will find this Google redirect virus removal guide very useful.

The Get-answers-fast.com redirect virus is not like typical browser hijackers that alter your home page; this virus is specially designed to affect the Internet search settings on your computer. Once active, the virus installs a rootkit, disables your antivirus and starts randomly diverting your Google searches to advertising websites that will flood you computer with further malware and inappropriate adult pop-ups.

This will result that you will not get any legitimate search results; instead every Google link will take you to Get-answers-fast.com, or other fake pages with spam ads similar to your original search query. The virus may also load an About:Blank page and various browser error windows when you try to click on a link.

The Get-answers-fast.com is a potential privacy and security risk that will gradually get worse. It’s therefore very important to remove all parts of this virus as soon as it is detected, otherwise you will risk that your personal information like login and banking data will be stolen.

This virus is very tough to remove because it changes different parts of the registry and hides behind Windows services and various drivers that can’t be detected with regular antivirus software. The only way to get rid of Get-answers-fast.com Google redirect completely is to run an anti-malware scanner that have the actual virus definition.

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