Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Get rid of Hijack screenshot
What is the 

It’s a malicious redirect caused by a virus that affects your Google search engine results. When you click on a search link, the virus reroutes Google’s results and redirects you to or other fake ad site that are different from the one you wanted to visit.

You may ask how it can be possible that a large and reputable company like Google can be affected by viruses. The truth is that the virus is actually on your computer but it’s programmed to only redirect the search engine results; this is the reason why it seems like Google has been hijacked by the virus.

When you get the Google virus inside your computer it will download a rootkit programs and execute a range of malicious actions in order to hijack your Internet settings and web browser. The virus will infect legitimate processes and modifies certain values inside Windows registry, DNS and other vital system components to redirect your home page and online searches to bogus search page.

The redirect virus uses really sneaky rootkit techniques that will be bypassed by most antivirus programs. If not fixed in time, the redirect virus my completely degrade your system and browser performance, making your computer completely unusable.

It is recommended that you scan your system for the Google virus and remove the unwanted browser hijack without delay. Click here to Remove redirect.

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