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The redirect is caused by the latest variant of the pernicious Backdoor.Tidserv browser hijacker also known as Alureon or TDSS rootkit that takes control of your computer and online searches. As a result of this parasite, you will experience the annoying home page hijack and search engine redirects almost every time you browse the Internet. If your search links goes to this malicious website your computer is most likely compromised by the pesky Google redirect virus.

The redirect virus is designed and spread by criminals to make money by hijacking and redirecting web traffic from popular search engines such as Ask, Google, AOL, Yahoo and Bing.  The criminals use various tricks to get their victims to end up visiting or other deceptive websites. These sites are used to collect sensitive data and mislead unaware users into downloading and paying for malicious or counterfeit rogue applications.

Typically you get the virus by visiting sites providing illegal movie, music and program downloads. You may also get the hijack by downloading adult videos and images placed onto hacked or malicious pages.

Once inside your computer the virus gets past your security by opening a “back door” and hiding itself using a sophisticated rootkit technology. Every time you click a result link on Google or other search engines, you will be instantly redirected to or random dubious pages even though the address bar shows that the web browser is going elsewhere.

The Google virus will allow you to search as normally, but when you click on the result link, even if these results shows legitimate URLs, you will be hijacked by the

The redirect is a critical privacy and security risk that uses very advanced hijacking techniques. This is the reason why most Antivirus and Anitspyware programs lack the ability to identify and remove it.

NOTICE! Manual removal of the Google redirect virus without required skills may lead to irreparable damage to your computer, due to the fact that deeply hidden parts of the malware may get reinstalled on system startup. That’s why it’s strongly recommended that your remove virus automatically, which will save your time and guarantee the complete removal of the virus.

The Google virus removal software is designed specifically to remove the and similar browser redirecting spyware, trojans, rootkits and other dangerous search engine hijacker viruses

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