Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nailingsearchsystem.com Removal Instructions

Nailingsearchsystem.com screenshot
Nailingsearchsystem.com is a "browser hijacking" virus which will modify your home page and send your web browser to its fake website when you are searching on Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines. The redirect virus will inject the memory, alter registry values and install a dangerous rootkit program called Alureon to facilitate an administrative access to your computer. Normaly when you click on a link Google will redirect you to the correct URL, but if you have been infected with Nailingsearchsystem.com the virus will inject its own website into the DNS redirection process.

Unlike traditional viruses which will place a malicious file onto the system Nailingsearchsystem.com browser hijacker will modify the proxy settings and HOSTS file and then “uninstalll” itself. This is the reason why it cannot be removed with normal antispyware or antivirus programs. What you need is a special google redirect virus removal tool that can completely get rid of the Nailingsearchsystem.com and similar malicious redirect viruses.

This browser hijacker poses a potential security risk and may steal your personal data and cause your computer to be non-responsive. If your search results are redirected to Nailingsearchsystem.com and other malicious websites it is strongly recommended that you perform a free virus scan on your computer.

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