Thursday, May 3, 2012

Get Rid of Safely and Completely

In the event you are directed to each time you perform a Google search, you are almost certainly infected with a search result hijacker. The redirect is installed by a hazardous code which alters your computer's default Internet browser, directing you to different random websites you did not intend to view. The browser hijacker will load itself into memory and download additional malware through an unsecured Internet connection in order to hide its malicious activities. Once infected, if you execute a search in Google, your web browser will be redirected to various third party sites unrelated to your search query.

The search malware uses a new encryption method to make malware detection more difficult by adding a rootkit detected as ZeroAccess, Alueron or TDL4. The redirect virus is created by hackers to redirect Internet users' searches to fake search engines providing links to certain nasty sites. You should not use or visit this site, is used by hackers to trick people into clicking on malicious links. This search hijack may cause the computer to become slow and harm your privacy. We recommend that you fix browser hijacker upon detection. If your computer has any of these problems we recommend to perform a full virus scan.
  • Internet searches are redirecting to if you are doing a search
  • Your system is sending spam to your address book without your permission or knowledge
  • Your computer is getting slow and hangs on boot up
  • opens in a different browser tab and blocks access to security websites
  • Google and Yahoo search results get redirected to numerous fake websites
  • Desktop picture has been replaced and icons missing from system tray
Run a free security scan and get rid of redirect virus. Download safe and secure removal tool to  keep your computer secure against bootkits, rootkits, browser hijackers and other potential malware threats. Please click on the link below to detect if you have on your system.