Wednesday, May 2, 2012 Removal Guide | Remove Browser Hijacker Safely and Quickly

The browser redirect is caused by recently detected trojan virus that hijacks Google search page links. The malicious program is used by fraudsters to make them money by redirecting users to various spam websites. When inside your computer, the virus infects the memory and changes the DNS servers to control your Internet connections. This will result that will be entered into the computer's routing table and activated whenever you perform a Google search. The malicious redirection can also occur when you search for information in other popular search engines like Yahoo or Bing.  Some malware associated with the browser hijack may also monitor your online activity and steal important personal information like user names, passwords and credit card data. It is recommended that you scan your computer for Google redirect virus and remove Utils.montiera browser hijacker immediately.

If your experience one or more of the listed signs we recommend to perform a deep scan.
  • You are restricted from visiting certain sites whether you are using FireFox, Internet Explorer, Opera or any other browser
  • You keep getting redirected to when you click on Google search links
  • The computer has become too slow and you are getting Windows error messages
Download comprehensive rootkit removal tool and get rid of Run a free scan to detect rootkits, trojans, keyloggers and other browser hijacking malware on your computer. Click the link beneath to begin scanning your system for Google redirect malware.