Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Remove Google Hijacker Virus Completely and Fast (Removal Instructions)

Fix Google search hijacker
Get rid of Google hijacker
The Google hijacker is a very harmful trojan virus that hijacks your web browser and redirects Google search engine's result links to random undesired sites. The criminals who have created this nasty search engine hijacker earn commissions by hijacking Web traffic to their malicious websites filled with annoying ads. After compromising your security, the Google hijacker will take control of your Internet settings by injecting itself into running processes in the main memory and changing the DNS information. This will keep you from changing back the unwanted redirection in the Windows Internet options.

Every time you type a search term into Google, you will be provided with the right search results, but instead of taking you to the correct website, the result link will be automatically diverted by the Google hijacker virus. As the redirects generally occur while you are performing searches, you may get the impression that the search hijack issue is on the search engine's side, but actually it is caused by the Google hijacker virus inside your operating system.

Usually the hijacker will take you to a misleading sites designed to look like true search engines, but they display nothing but falsified search results that point to deceptive affiliate advertisements and further unsafe web pages that could infect your system with more viruses. Furthermore, the Google hijacker have also the capability to execute other malicious tasks such as harvesting sensitive personal data and publishing information from your computer to a remote intruder.

Google hijacker virus is a serious privacy and security risk that should be handled with great caution. If your computer is getting any of the symptoms bellow, it is advised to scan your operating system for rootkits and viruses without delay.
  • Your computer is getting sluggish and you get Windows blue screen of death error on system startup
  • Someone is sending mails to your email contact list without your knowledge or approval
  • Home page keeps setting itself to pages containing advertisements or a blank window
  • You find yourself redirected to strange websites when you are executing a search on Google, Bing or Yahoo
  • The desktop wallpaper has been replaced and systray icons are missing
  • Antivirus websites will not load on any browser whether you are using FireFox, Opera or any other browser
Protect your Windows system from Google redirect virus. Perform a free antivirus scan to detect spyware, browser hijackers and rootkits on your system. Please click on the link underneath and start scanning your computer for  Google hijacker.