Thursday, May 3, 2012 Removal Guide | Remove Redirect Virus Safely and Quickly search redirect virus redirect
Hijacked by The redirect is the direct indication of a malicious browser hijacker that hijacks your computer's Internet configuration and redirects your search results to irrelevant websites you didn't want to view. Once infected, when you search for something in Google, you will be automatically rerouted to or other fake websites unrelated to your original search. When infected, the redirect malware will inject itself into running processes in the short term memory, overwrite the local HOSTS file and transmit your confidential information to remote third party servers. It will also block you from visiting certain antivirus websites. The search hijacker uses advanced encryption algorithm to prevent its detection by injecting a rootkit named ZeroAccess or Alueron. This makes the Google redirect virus extremely hard to remove with traditional virus removal applications.

The search engine hijacker is used by hackers to redirect users to counterfeit sites that imitates to be reliable search websites, containing solely falsified search results with links to further malicious websites. The Google redirect virus may pose a risk to your privacy and cause the system to run very slow. If you suspect that your computer has become affected, it is advised to get rid of hijacker as quickly as possible. If you experience following symptoms it is recommended that you check your PC for viruses.
  • You get blue screen of death errors and your machine is very slow
  • Browser homepage has been changed to and you are prevented from changing it (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari or any other web browser)
  • Google keeps reverting to when you are typing a search
  • Mails are being sent from your email account without your authorization or knowledge
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