Thursday, May 3, 2012

Google redirect malware Removal Guide | Remove Google Search Engine Redirect Malware

Effective and secure way to get rid of Google redirect malware
Fix Google redirect malware
Infected with Google redirect malware? If your search engine links are taking you to irrelevant sites, your system is most likely infected with a harmful parasite known as Sirefef, ZeroAccess or TDSS rootkit. The Google redirect malware will take control of your computer's network connection by altering the DNS and registry. This will hinder you from changing back the unwanted redirects in the Windows Internet options. The scammers who have created the Google redirect malware generate revenue by stealing traffic from the major web search engines like Yahoo, Ask, Google or Bing to their bogus sites saturated with ads. The Google redirect malware can hijack the home page, search page and error page configuration of your web browser. It may also create a hidden backdoor connection to your system and download further parasites to compromise the security level of your computer. The hazardous Google redirect malware is extremely difficult to remove and fix as it uses a sophisticated encryption mechanism to bypass antivirus detection. This is why it's nearly impossible to remove it with traditional security software.

Google redirect malware is a severe privacy and security threat that could harvest sensitive personal data stored on your hard drive. If not resolved, the malware may degrade the overall performance of your computer and with time cause it to stop responding. We advise you get rid of Google redirect malware as soon as detected. In case you experience any of the problems bellow we recommend you to run a deep rootkit scan.
  • The system gets very sluggish and you get frequent Windows error notifications
  • Google redirect malware prevents access to Windows update and certain antivirus websites
  • The browser diverts to unknowns sites every time that you perform a search on Bing, Google and Yahoo
  • The desktop background image has been changed to warning message and you can't turn it back
  • The browser home page is set to various sites you have not seen before
  • You get randomly directed to sites with malware while surfing known websites on the Internet
Run the safe and automatic rootkit scanner to find out if you have the Google redirect malware installed on your system. Make sure that your computer stays clean from redirect viruses, bootkits, password stealers, rootkits and other stubborn viruses. Just click the download link underneath to start scanning your computer.