Friday, October 28, 2011 Redirect Virus Removal screenshot is a browser hijacking virus that infects your browser to redirect Google search engine’s results to its counterfeit website. search virus will infect the system and execute further malware threats in order to perform its malicious operations. The virus will penetrate the system security, monitor your browsing history and delete/modify Internet proxy entries and keys inside the Windows registry. may harvest private information and cause the infected system to run slow and crash. It is suggested to scan your computer and remove the redirect virus as fast as possible.

In case you are troubled with one these symptoms we strongly recommend that you run a free virus scan.

  1. Browser is slowing down, crashes and redirects
  2. Home page redirects to and other unwanted site
  3. Unknown registry entries causing Windows error messages
  4. Unknown processes running in Task Manager
  5. CPU running at 100%
  6. Antivirus and firewall programs wont load on startup
  7. Slow computer and network performance

Download Google redirect virus removal tool and clean your computer from Raresearchsystem search engine hijacker and other forms of internet parasites.

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