Sunday, October 30, 2011

How to Remove Virus screenshot
If your home page or Google search is redirected to unwanted website your browser is most likely hijacked by a very harmful trojan virus called TDL3 rootkit (also known as Alureon rootkit). The redirect virus will load into the memory processes, download other malicious payloads and change the proxy settings on the computer to perform its activities. It will rewrite/delete entries in the registry, HOSTS file and other key system settings and track your Internet browsing activities to display random pop up advertisements.

The virus is a potential security risk that may lower your system’s performance and lead to that your privacy will be greatly compromised. It is recommended that you run a free anti-malware scan as soon as possible to remove this parasite.

If your PC has one of the following symptoms download Google redirect virus removal tool and clean your computer completely from and other stealthy search engine hijackers.

  1. Google search get diverted to other deceptive websites
  2. Unknown icons appears in the system tray
  3. Windows frequently displays a blue screen of death error message
  4. Strange processes and programs running inside the Task Manager
  5. Browser continually opens unrequested windows with annoying advertisements
  6. System and Internet connection is very slow to start up
  7. Anti-malware and firewall won’t load on system boot up or update
The free scan is quick and easy way to detect even deeply rooted malware on your computer, enabling you to find and remove the virus that has resided in your system as well as the pesky Alureon/ TDL3 trojan rootkit.

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