Friday, October 28, 2011

How to Remove Virus screenshot is a proxy hijacking virus that will hijack the browser home page and redirect users’ Google and Yahoo search queries to Noblesearchsystem deceptive website to promote various fake applications. The redirect virus will exploit security vulnerabilities in the system and download further harmful programs to perform its harmful actions. will hide from detection by altering registry keys and common system processes like rundll32.exe. The hijacker may also install a malicious toolbar, modify the HOSTS file, collect stored data and cause your computer and browser to become extremely sluggish.  We recommend that you scan your system as soon as possible to get rid of redirect virus.

In case you are experiencing any of the symptoms below it is suggested to run a free scan.

  1. Home page hiacked by 
  2. Task Manager has been disabled
  3. Unknown third-party applications
  4. CPU slowdowns and crashes
  5. Issues with the network connection
  6. Annoying commercial pop-ups and fake windows alerts

Download free virus scanner and clean your computer from redirect virus, spyware rootkits and other forms of malware infections!

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